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to wonder

Pronunciation Definition verb to ask oneself to want to know to think about German Verb sich fragen wissen wollen sich überlegen Examples I wonder if we will ever see him again? He was wondering about his sister. I wonder whether I might open the window? She wondered if he would come to the party. I …

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Pronunciation Definition noun reason; purpose adjective determined to do s.t. a look of being determined, serious. German Absicht, Zweck fest entschlossen, etwas zu tun bedacht Examples I saw the masked man enter the bank and I knew what his intent was. He was intent on robbing the bank. He had a very intent look in …

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Pronunciation Definition to give formal notice to; to notify someone about something to give notice of or report the occurrence of something She notified the police about the accident. He notified his intention to sue. She notified my arrival to the governor. German anmelden anzeigen amtlich mitteilen

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