Technical English

These courses mirror the teaching objectives in our technical English classes.

Submarine Basics

This course has been designed by Masters English in Kiel, Germany for non-native speakers of English whose native language is German and who have reached a proficiency level of B1 or above according to the GER scale. The course focusses on the basic structure of and systems on military submarines paying special attention to vocabulary …

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Technical English

Course overview This online material is designed to accompany your 5-day intensive course at Masters English. The structure of the online material mirrors the structure of the in-class assignments. Below you can find an overview of the course structure. Day 1 Our first day together is focused on learning some basic phrases for; Introducing yourself …

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English for Acceptance Tests

“Quality means doing it right, even when no one is watching.” Henry Ford Acceptance testing is critical for industry. In this course we will talk about three different kinds of acceptance tests; the factory acceptance test (FAT), the harbor acceptance test (HAT), and the sea acceptance test (SAT). We will look at the purpose of …

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English for Welders

This course is designed for professional welders or apprentice welders who wish to improve their technical English in the field of welding. Our course is broken down into Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes, each of which is designed to help you gain confidence when you use English in your profession.      

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