Prepositions with Seth

So, let’s be honest with each other. Learning prepositions can be a pain in the ass, of the ass, on the ass? Which preposition works here? Well, if you learned “a pain in” as a fixed expression, then you would have no problems here. So, it is a pain IN the ass. This is why we practice, practice, practice!

Below you will find a list of common verb / prepostion combinations and their German counterparts. Take a minute to look them over, learn the new expressions by making vocabulary cards, and then give our little quiz a go. All of the quiz questions come directly from the video you have just watched. Good luck!


to look at

to die from

to happen to someone

to be time for s.t.

to sound like

to scroll to

to be posed by

to get through to s.o.

to speak with s.o. about s.t.

to ask about

to be concerned about

to run back to

to head for

to spot s.o. at s.t.

to be capable of

to complain about

at any cost

by doing something

instead of

for more on this


auf etwas schauen

an etwas sterben

jemandem geschehen/passieren

Zeit für etwas sein

klingen wie

rollen/blättern zu

dargestellt von

jemanden erreichen

mit jemandem über etwas reden

nach etwas fragen

um etwas besorgt sein

zu etwas zurücklaufen

auf etwas zusteuern

jemanden bei etwas sehen

zu etwas fähig sein

sich über etwas beschweren

um jeden Preis

indem man etwas macht


mehr darüber

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