HaW- Vocabulary

The following vocabulary is provided to help you better understand the documentary Meet the Homeless Americans Living in Walmart Parking Lots produced by SBS Dateline.

At the end of the section, there will be a little quiz you can take to see how much you have remembered.

Line 15
take advantage – to take an opportunity and make something good out of it

Joe, is one of tens of thousands of people taking advantage of a little publicized Walmart policy allowing travelers to pull up in their carparks and stay the night for free.

Line 19
Social Security – the name of a fund that workers pay into so that they are protected if they are injured on the job.

(He is)…Unable to get Social Security

Line 23
from all walks of life – every part of society

Walmart communities like this one are attracting Americans from all walks of life

Line 29
to be intrigued by – to be very interested by something

This professional photographer is so intrigued by the Walmart phenomenon

Line 32
out of necessity – because you have to do it

You know, you have people there who are there out of necessity.

Line 33
out of convenience – because it is easy to do

And you have people who are there out of convenience.

Line 50
to be stuck in a rut – to be in a situation you cannot get out of

Paul is not the only one stuck in a rut.

Line 60
to flee, fled, fled – to have to leave a place quickly because it is dangerous

Michelle and Brandon say they fled California worried that they would lose custody of their baby.

Line 70
swelling numbers – an increasing amount

Local charity worker, Richard DuPris, has been watching the swelling numbers of Walmart’s homeless.

Line 74
a taker – (here) someone who takes an offer

Do you get many takers?

Line 93
aspiring- wanting to become

Liz is an aspiring actress.

Line 108
ain’t – colloquial for “am not,” “are not,” or “is not.”

I ain’t getting no younger out here.

Line 110
food-stamps – pieces of paper given to people so that they can buy food

Joe is surviving on food-stamps.

Line 115
to get hooked – to not be able to stop doing something because it makes you feel good

Well, I kind of got hooked after a while.

Line 128
likely – the chances are good that something will happen

and he is likely to lose the car in weeks…

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