Meetings/Negotiations (B1/B2)

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Welcome to the Meetings and Negotiations online course! These two business themes are in the same course because they share a lot of terminology and conventions, and because negotiations are one of the most important types of meetings that business people participate in.

This course teaches you some common English business meeting vocabulary—whether it’s about the process or about the equipment or technology you rely on. It will also teach you how to lead a meeting yourself, and how to use English negotiation language successfully.

Course Content

  • Participating in a Meeting
    – Business Meeting Vocabulary
  • Chairing a Meeting
    – Opening the Meeting
    – Managing the Discussion
    – Closing the Meeting

  • Negotiating in English
    – Negotiation Vocabulary
    – Opening a Negotiation
    – Bargaining and Closing
    – Tentative Language

How to Use This Course

You must complete all of the topics in the lessons, including the quizzes, before you move on. The quizzes attached to the topics are short, and you can repeat them as often as you wish.

At the beginning of each section, an audio file lets you hear the text that you are reading (as you are now). Good luck!


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