Grammar Bombs!

This is a collection of grammar topics that we try to explain as quickly and as easily as possible. We’ll give you simple explanations, lots of examples, and a bunch of quizzes to help you get your head around some of the trickier issues in English.

English for Acceptance Tests

“Quality means doing it right, even when no one is watching.” Henry Ford Acceptance testing is critical for industry. In this course we will talk about three different kinds of acceptance tests; the factory acceptance test (FAT), the harbor acceptance test (HAT), and the sea acceptance test (SAT). We will look at the purpose of …

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English for Welders

This course is designed for professional welders or apprentice welders who wish to improve their technical English in the field of welding. Our course is broken down into Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes, each of which is designed to help you gain confidence when you use English in your profession.      

Commercial Correspondence (B1/B2)

English business writing should be as simple and clear as possible. The Masters English Commercial Correspondence course focuses on this principle, so you can strengthen your English business writing. You’ll practise common types of business writing: making and answering enquiries, comparing options, giving directions, and writing brief reports for colleagues. You’ll also have a chance …

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Telephoning (B1/B2)

Welcome to Telephoning, an online course to help intermediate students improve their English telephoning skills, especially business phone calls. This course includes lessons, topics and quizzes, but it can’t replace the roleplaying and live practice you experience in the classroom with other students, where you get to do a lot more speaking. You can work …

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Meetings/Negotiations (B1/B2)

Welcome to the Meetings and Negotiations online course! These two business themes are in the same course because they share a lot of terminology and conventions, and because negotiations are one of the most important types of meetings that business people participate in. This course teaches you some common English business meeting vocabulary—whether it’s about …

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Business Small Talk (B1/B2)

Welcome to the Business Small Talk online course, designed to help professionals feel more comfortable in English business surroundings. Small talk and socializing are important skills in the business world, no matter what language you’re speaking. That’s especially true among English speakers, who generally want to fill silences with friendly, warm, informal chatting. Mastering English …

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English for Presentations (B1/B2)

On behalf of Masters English, I would like to welcome you to this course on how to give effective presentations. This course is designed for students with a language level of B1/B2 and we will be looking at the most important language functions you need to master in order to deliver an effective presentation. This …

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