Telephoning (B1/B2)

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Welcome to Telephoning, an online course to help intermediate students improve their English telephoning skills, especially business phone calls. This course includes lessons, topics and quizzes, but it can’t replace the roleplaying and live practice you experience in the classroom with other students, where you get to do a lot more speaking. You can work on this online material whenever you need it, and you can take the quizzes as often as you like. Try to get 100%!

Course Content

  • Telephone Basics
    – Speaking English on the Phone: Why Is It Challenging?
    – Telephone Tips
  • Telephone Vocabulary
    – Common Terms: “Call”, “Line” and “Hold”
    – Introducing Yourself
    – Asking Who’s on the Phone
    – Asking for Someone
    – When Someone Is Not Available
    – Taking and Leaving Messages
    – Connecting Someone
    – Telephone Phrasal Verbs
    – Sample Business Phone Call
  • Tone and Intonation
    – Telephone Tone
    – Telephone Intonation
  • Roleplay Ideas

How to Use This Course

You must complete all of the topics in the lesson including the quizzes before you move on. The quizzes attached to the topics are short, and you can repeat them as often as you wish.

At the beginning of each section, an audio file lets you hear the text that you are reading (as you are now). Good luck!

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