Kill the Dragon!

What is the point of doing yoga if you aren’t going to kill a dragon?

Please, don’t misunderstand me. Yoga is all fine and good.
After all, every warrior needs something to maintain an inner balance. My point is simply this; why are you striving for an inner balance if you are not doing battle in Dungeons and Dragon?
I simply don’t see the point.

So, go to yoga.
Find your inner balance.
Balance your inner warrior.

Then join us once a month on our quest for greatness.

Beginners are Welcome

Dungeons and Dragons is really just an interesting way to practice your English and have some fun.
On one Saturday a month we get together to live some adventures.
You get to meet interesting people who share your interests in gaming and speaking English.
There is always around as a player or as the Dungeon Master who can give you some constructive feedback

It isn't an English course, it is simply having fun in the language.

Coffee is free.
Tea is always hot.
Water flows like wine.

And you get 4 hours of English practice for a small fee of 20 Euros.

Go Adventuring

If you are an experienced player or if you have always wanted to try your hand at being a Dungeon Master, here is your opportunity to do it all in English! Maybe you will find yourself face to face with Nezznar the Black Spider, should you attack, dodge, dash or hide? Who has the initiative, your group of adventurers or Nezznar, the spellcaster? Whether you are doing combat or simply adventuring on the lookout for treasure, Dungeons and Dragons will keep your imagination active. You may even get so wrapped up in the adventure, that you forget you are speaking English.

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