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SEAEU Prelim

Assignment 1 Masters English · SEAEU Assignment 1

EaCH Roleplays

Customized roleplays Customization is one of the most important aspects of this class. Each of you works in a different area of city administration and each of you has different responsibilities.  This part of the class allows you the opportunity to design and practice your own roleplays based on your personal professional experiences. Take a …

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Reading comprehension

This section contains a number of articles that have been posted on the BAMF website over the years. In many cases I have provided translations for some of the more difficult terms. At the end of each article, there will either be a short quiz or you will be able to upload an assignment for …

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This section of the course contains infomration and quizzes on vocabulary we have encountered in class. You can take the quiz as often as you want to help you learn and new vocabulary will be added constantly. Sept. 4, 2020 Class Notes Sept. 4, 2020 Sept. 11, 2020 Class Notes Sept. 11, 2020

Asking questions

The Interview Game This assignment is a good way to get to know someone in your new course. It is designed to help you review the basics of asking questions and to stimulate conversation between you and a partner. At the end of this unit on questions there will be a little quiz to see …

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Homeless at Walmart

In 2014 a team of documentary filmmakers looked into the unique form of poverty in the United States. It looks at homeless people who sleep in their cars in Walmart parking lots. Walmart is a chain of stores run by one of the world’s richest families, the Walton family. What I found remarkable about this …

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Morning Joe

Morning Joe on MSNBC Morning Joe is a popular news broadcast on NBC. It is hosted by Joe Scaraborough, a former Republican representative in the House of Representatives, and his female co-host, Mika Brzenzinski.  According to the show`s webpage they provide breaking news and in-depth analysis, commentary and informed perspectives about the latest headlines. The …

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This week we are going to be discussing a very popular topic: travel. 

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