B questions


Note the position of the preposition with question words like who, what, where, etc. The preposition that goes with the verb is placed at the end of the question, so that it stays close to the verb.Examples Who do you want to speak to? Which job are you applying for? What kind of music do you …

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Negative questions

In a negative question, we put the helping verb in the negative and then ask the question. We can do this for the following reasons; to show surprise Didn’t you hear the phone ring? You were sitting right next to it! we expect the listener to agree with us Haven’t we met before? I think …

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Subject questions

Object questions Most questions are object questions, and they follow the rules that we have just looked at. ExamplesWhere does he live?He lives in Germany. How many friends does she have in Berlin?She has a lot of friends in Berlin. How long has she been working here?She has been working here for over 20 years. …

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yes or no questions

This pattern stays the same even if you ask a yes/no question. The only difference here is that there is no question word. See the chart below for examples or click on the image to the right. Question word Helping verb Do Did Has Could Should Subject you they she you we Main verb live …

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