How to learn

Should I create audio files?

If you are going to use an audio file, try putting the word you want to learn into a short sentence and then learn the short sentence. For example, you want to learn the following vocabulary words; address (as a verb), controls, non-conformities, assess, assessment, contractual specifications, and document (as a verb). Record them, but …

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Should I use vocabulary cards?

Many people like using vocabulary cards. Some of the advantages are that they are easy to carry, you can mix them up so every time you learn, it feels like a new learning experience, and you organize the information card by card. This gives you a lot of flexibility. Below are just a few ways …

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How should I learn?

Small steps are better than no steps. So, choose your vocabulary carefully, learn the words you need, and learn how the word is used. Let’s say you read this sentence; We have to assess the situation before we make a decision. You want to learn the word “assess” and “decision.” What is the best strategy? …

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