Telephone Vocabulary

Sample Business Phone Calls

Here are three short telephone conversations with some of the key words and phrases you learned in this lesson: Conversation 1 Receptionist: Good morning, Astor Computers. How can I help you?  Petra: This is Petra Hess. Can I have extension 112?  Receptionist: Certainly. Please hold on a minute, I’ll put you through.  Frank: John Smith’s …

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Telephone Phrasal Verbs

A phrasal verb is a verb made up of more than one word (usually a verb + preposition or adjective or adverb). For example, run away, run out, run off, run up, run down, run through, run around all use the verb “to run” with a second word that alters its meaning entirely. It’s important to …

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Connecting Someone

If you answer a central phone, or if someone calls you by mistake, you might need to connect the caller to someone else at your business. Here are some useful phrases: I’ll put you through. (put through = phrasal verb* meaning to connect)  I’ll connect you. Can you please hold the line? Can you hold …

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