Telephone Vocabulary

Taking and Leaving Messages

If a caller asks for someone who can’t come to the phone or who isn’t there, it’s polite to ask if you can take a message. Could I take a message? Could I tell Jan who’s calling? Would you like to leave a message? If you are the caller and the person you need is …

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When Someone Is Not Available

These phrases can be used to express that someone isn’t available to speak on the telephone. Be sure to ask if you can take a message (see the next topic). I’m afraid Jane is not available at the moment.* I’m afraid Jane stepped out. I’m sorry, Jane isn’t in her office at the moment. I’m …

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Asking for Someone

Sometimes you need to speak to someone besides the person who picked up the phone, especially if the business has a receptionist. Here are some examples:  Can I have extension* 502, please? Could/can/may I speak to Jane Jacobs, please? Is Jane in the office? Is Jane in? Is Dr. Jacobs available? *Extensions = internal phone …

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Asking Who’s on the Phone

Sometimes you don’t know who a caller is or recognize their voice on the phone. So, you have to find out who is calling. Ask the caller politely for this information:  Excuse me, may I ask who’s calling? May I ask who’s calling, please? May I ask who I’m speaking with?

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