Standing homework assignments Use your time wisely. You should take the irregular verb quiz at least three times a week until you can score 90% or higher three times in a row. This is also true or the conjunction quiz and all of the other quizes in the Vocabulary section of the course. Homework for…

  • burglary

    burglary noun – the act of breaking into a house or building to steal things  My parents always lock the door before bed to prevent a burglary.

  • audition

    audition noun – a test performance by a musician, singer, dancer or actor. Tina practiced for days to get ready for her big audition for the play.

  • companion

    companion noun – a person or pet who enjoys another’s company; friend Laurie’s pet rabbit needed a companion, so she adopted another one.

  • actual

    actual adj. Рreal, not fake  I used to collect plastic frogs, but now I have an actual one for a pet.

  • pollute

    pollute verb – to make dirty or harmful to health, especially with chemical or waste products We don’t use chemicals on our lawn because the runoff would pollute the creek. The oceans are heavily polluted with microplastics!

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